Meet Odoo 15

doo 15 is here! This is our most efficient, clever and collaborative version.

Did you know that companies spend 80% of their workdays communicating? At Odoo, we want to enable people to work collaboratively, together, towards collective outcomes to improve efficiency and joy at work.

In our vision, Odoo is not only a management software, it’s also a suite of productivity tools, allowing users to do more in less time. Our focus is centered on human needs, to be sure they get the right tool for every need, fully integrated with other business flows. And we make these tools blazing fast.

So without further ado, check out below the latest features in Odoo 15. You can find a complete list of all our new features by reading our release note. 

Discuss: A new collaborative way of working

Writing a message too long? Well say no more and let’s introduce you to video conferencing in Discuss. Forget about having to use Discord, Google Meet, Jitsi, etc. You can now communicate with your colleagues by chat, videos and screen sharing, directly from Odoo! Navigate through your database with ease during your call and share the information you want. Calls can be minimized or maximized on your entire screen as you need.

Odoo 15 also enables collaborative editing. You and your colleagues can now work on the same fields and update the same content together in real time.

Odoo Discuss now supports internal and external communication. You can chat one to one or in a group discussion. Want to spice up your message? Odoo Discuss now supports message reactions and animated GIFs!

Ctrl-K Shortcuts: No need to remember all the shortcuts, all you have to do is CTRL + K to get a pop up list of blazing fast shortcuts to navigate through documents and conversations!

Website Builder: Introducing our AI engine!

We understand starting a website from scratch can be difficult, that is why we’ve developed an Artificial Intelligence engine that designs your website automatically! All you have to do is answer 4 questions, pick a color theme or upload your company’s logo and a pre-generated website template is generated. If you upload your company’s logo, the colors from your logo will be applied directly to the website template. Give it a try here:

Our Website builder in Odoo 15 is 35% faster than Odoo 14! It’s a massive improvement in terms of speed and performance. We’ve also revamped the blocks to have plenty of templates to choose from. Every building block now comes with the theme colors to give your website a beautiful and clean look. The newest kid on the block? The Donation block! Receive donations directly from your website and define its visibility.

What's Coming in Odoo 16?